Avoiding Speeding Tickets: Enter the Valentine One Radar / Laser Detector and Locator

Valentine LitPolice in my area are really cracking down issuing tickets left and right. Most of my friends have gotten 1-2 tickets in the last three months and most of them are very proper drivers sticking within 5-10 mph of the limit posted. The radar detector I am reviewing not only detects radar and laser guns but also locates which direction their source is relative to your car. Read on for the full scoop on only directional radar detector.

LRB shotAll of us have seen radar detectors suction cupped on the windshields of many cars driving down the road. Not too long ago I thought all radar detectors were created very close to equal, but then I found the Valentine 1 Radar / Laser Detector and locator. This radar detector will set you back 400 dollars, but fear not! When a new radar or laser gun is put into use on the road you are guaranteed that your valentine one can be fully upgraded for $75 bucks to sense that new threat. Sure you could replace another defector twice for the cost of one Valentine, but after that you Valentine Litwould be loosing money. Every 1.5-2 years new radar laser guns are developed to be more stealthy and accurate than the last, these new guns go completely undetected by the old radar and laser detectors deployed. Since a common radar detector brand has no upgrade program, they are forcing you to repurchase their new unit for full price. This was what tipped the scale for me, I will never spend $400 on a product that will not serve me for many years because it takes time to get all the value out of the purchase.

Lets move on to the actual performPig Cop Speedgunance of this product. This detector is as sensitive in the various radar bands as its competitors, but wins out showing you with arrows whether the source is in front of you, to the sides, or to the rear. This alone is key to help you know what to expect and where to look. Beyond direction this detector is capable of tracking up to nine detected threats, each source of radar is counted and displayed on the screen of the detector. This alone already separates this detector from the pack. It is common for a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) to hide out near a source that causes radar detectors to false, common detectors do not know how many sources there are so a driver would think nothing of the false speeding through that area like nobody was watching. A valentine one driver would hear the alarm, see that the counter listed two threats, he would then slow down and be safe from a ticket. Another trick is where to cop cars are hiding on the side of the road, one is a decoy and the other further up the road is really clocking for tickets. Most drivers will ignore and even mute their detector after passing the first cop, then speed up thinking that they are safe to go faster… But then they are toast as the second cop clocks them, chases them down and tickets them.

Engineering is Mike Valentine’s passion, when he created Valentine Research and released the Valentine One Detector he pursued the next level and still continues to up the ante pushing for better sensitivity and logic. When you make a radar detector more sensitive it is prone to sense many sources that look like a threat, such as automatic doors at your local grocery. If the valentine one did not have a good logic mode most of these sources would be classified as a threat and make for a very chatty detector. Beyond radar, laser guns are gaining in popularity with the LEOS (Law Enforcement Officers) these guns called lidar are very hard to detect. They employ an infrared laser beam to detect your speed, they are popular since a specific car can easily be picked out, but also because it is next to impossible to sense the laser beam until it is too late (later in another review I will talk about a product that can give you more time to slow down when being lasered) The Valentine One was developed with two large magnifying glass like optic receivers that pickup front and rear lidar signals. In the Pictures below you can see the large Laser Sensoroptics and feed horn that make the detector so sensitive. Front Feed HornThere are only two light sources that can make a Valentine One False: red neon signs and fancy red led tail lights on a few fancy luxury cars

Overall I am very pleased with this detector. It has a bulky appearance and a more retro screen, but it really does get the job done. If you drive sensibly and use this detector you are very safe from ever being billed by the city for the things it can’t afford. Mine has already saved me twice in the two weeks I’ve had it.

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  1. I wanted to ask you if I can get a copy of that picture that you got with that cop pointing the radar gun towards traffic. I would like to post that picture to my website that I am trying to make, buying and selling radar detectors via ebay. Let me know if I have your permission. Thanks for your time.

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