Sprint Airave

The Sprint Airave is a device that allows you to route your Sprint calls through your broadband connection instead of going through the regular cellular network.  It basically acts as a little cell phone tower in your home and connects to Sprint over the internet.  This is useful if you have a house somewhere with poor cell phone coverage and it is also useful if you have a land line or voip line that you use a lot at home, but would prefer to use the same device for all your calls.


The Sprint AirRave has rather complicated pricing.  You have to pay $99 for the device itself, plus $5 per month.  Then to get unlimited calling, your account will require paying $10 per month for each phone you want to add unlimited calling to.  If you have multiple lines on the same plan, it costs $20 for all of your lines to be covered.

Part of the reason for this complexity is the fact that you can use other’s Airave stations.  So even if you don’t have a station yourself, you can add the $10 per month option to your phone and then use their Airave to make unlimited calls for free.  If you don’t want people using your Airave you can restrict it to only work with certain phones.

The Airave has been in testing for about a year and will be available in stores August 18th.

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