Push email for your Windows Mobile smartphone

Activesync LogoWith the Windows Mobile 5.0 smart phone platform you need an exchange server to get push synchronization of your information. Most small businesses and up have an exchange server on site, but what if you do not? That is where a hosted exchange account will unlock your devices full potential. Over the Air SyncI currently use http://www.4smartphone.net/ they offer one basic account on their exchange server for a base of $3.99 per month or $47.88 for a year paid in advance.

What will I gain if I use this service with a Windows Mobile smart phone? Well, for one you will never again spend countless hours entering contacts or calendar entries on your phone. You can now enter them in on your desk computer through Outlook or web based Outlook which stores its information on 4smartphone’s server and your device will then get that data pushed down to it as the server receives new information.

Think about it, you could have your secretary add appouintments to your calandar while you are out on the road and they will pop up on your phone. If you have a Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE or Windows Mobile 5.0 phone give them a try and see how this service will squeez even more benifit out of your smartphone!

Before buying this service check with your cellular provider about dataplans, this is important because when you recieve emails, attachments, calandar entires and contacts this will transfer data over your cellular providers data network. Currently these plans run 20-30 dollars a month depending on what you choose.

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