Keyboards Reinvented: One-Handed Frogpad

Frogpad keyboardKeyboards are the main way we issue our computers commands, communicate and write code. In the days gone by there were no mice, windows or icons to point and click. We survived with just our keyboard and maby a joystick if we played the early era games like doom. Now there is a new one handed keyboard that is really stealing the spotlight away from the dominant keyboard we all know.

Not much has changed with the history of the keyboard all these years, the qwerty standard is all we know. The layout we all know and love was created so that early mechanical typewriters of the day would not jam. The layout was created to actually slow down the characters typed since one hammer could be striking the paper at a time. Even after these limitations were lifted with the invention of the electric typewriters no one was willing to try new layouts such as Dvorak. This new layout and the similar alternate layouts were nothing more than a relocation of keys on a standard keyboard. Some people paid money to switch the layout of their keyboard only to hate it and pay to have it put back.

Frogpad WhiteNo one had a truly revolutionary keyboard advancement until now. A company called Frogpad Inc. recently came out with their revolutionary revamped layout and size keyboard. This keyboard is nothing like the keyboards we have all seen. It is designed to be operated with only one hand and can exceed the speed of two handed qwerty keyboard with basic training. It is designed based on what hand you want to type with, so you choose between a right or left hand key layout. They offer it in a Apple Computer white and a frog like green. Speaking of Apple, they were very nice and put the Apple command key on the keyboard to make the Mac zombies happy. You can get the keyboard it a wired USB version or cut the cord with a wireless Bluetooth version.

I have had this keyboard for 6 months now and I can say that I know its layout better than qwerty. I am still building up my speed touch typing on it, but considering that I cant touch type on a regular keyboard I am floored! When making my decision I knew i had to get the Bluetooth version, wireless is just too darn geek cool for me to pass up. I liked the idea of using it with my bluetooth pda and symbian smartphone since both devices are compatible with the Bluetooth HID keyboard standard. The internal battery is a lithium and lasts for several weeks when lightly typed on replying to emails here at the office. Although the battery is not user accessible I have never been stuck because when the battery is dry it can be powered through USB, but it will only grab a charge. I hope that in the future they make the USB port not only charge, but also allow the keyboard to be used on a computer without Bluetooth. When I sat down to Initially learn the keyboard i knew that I needed a better guide than the manual. They offer a online subscription based typing program that is java based. I really wiFrogpad Greenshed that this was included on a CD with the frogpad, but i dropped the $40 some dollars as an investment to get something out of my frogpad. All in all I love it, I actually typed out the majority of this review on my frogpad. it is so nice to put on my leg and lean back and type away, especially when I am multitasking holding a phone to my ear or trying to jot down a quick note. Look into this if you want a new cutting edge keyboard that will be a good investment and not just a gimmick. I truly love this product!

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