Internet Resources For Deals / Promotions That Save Money

Saving Money CHA-CHINGI love saving money, getting a deal feels darn great when you get something that you need for less than you expected to pay. These days online sales through eBay and other online stores get us deals on electronics and other merchandise that would otherwise only be available at retail prices. Here is how to use your eBay and other Internet resources to save you a lot of money.

One of my good friends at collage told me to look on eBay for coupons, I laughed when he first broughGet Better Dealst it up. But when we went to subway for lunch he got a large drink and two six inch subs for exactly $4.59 bucks. It cost me the exact same amount but I got half the food that he did. This really spurred me on to look into coupons online. If you search eBay for the keyword coupons: eBay presents you with a list of categories that have listings of coupons. A lot of the listings are for regular every day coupons that were pulled from a newspaper or magazine. The best value discounts I found were on household items, food and software. There are lots of Subway listings ranging from high savings fund raiser packs (what my friend used) and regular clippings out of the paper. The other great value I found was on software, I got a instant savings promotion on Quickbooks that saved me $100 bucks that was down from a before savings cost of $200 I have always wanted to have a copy of Quickbooks to sit down and learn it, but would never consider spending mega bucks to get a copy for myself.

Dumpster WorldTwo other online resources that fully devote themselves to finding the good deals and promotions are and Both of these sites are communities that fully devote themselves to finding the deals and getting as much free or discounted stuff as they can. The Dumpster diver site actually focuses on raiding businesses dumpsters at night when they close, this definitely does not suit everyoneFat Wallet… including me. Fatwallet is more consumer focused telling you where to look for specific promotions and what the current rebates that are available. Sometimes you can buy a product at store A then go to store B ask for a rebate form for the product, mail in the rebate and save even more money. This is the site where people post all the info on where to get the deals.

I Keep Your Moneymyself am constantly balancing cost and convenience. Finding out or getting deals online is much easier than going through the messy annoying pile of ads in the paper. I really get excited when I find resources like these that give me actual benefit. If you know of any other resources that I should add, drop me a comment.

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