Sony Mylo

I recently had a chance to play with a Sony Mylo. Actually I hadn’t even heard of it before, but I was pretty impressed. It is a small handheld device about the size of a mobile phone that can be used for email, instant messaging, and Skype VoIP. It also lets you play music and video.

Mylo from Front

The bottom half of the Mylo slides down to give you access to a small but adequate keyboard. It is bigger than the keyboard on a Blackberry or Treo, b

ut it uses embedded keys which don’t feel quite as natural as the Blackberry.

Connectivity is provided by 802.11b wifi, so you can get online pretty easily. By using Wifi you don’t have to pay a monthly connection fee.

The Mylo comes with 1GB of memory and it can handle a memory stick for another 4GB. The battery is supposed to last 3 to 8 hours depending on how the device is being used. Wifi seems to be the biggest battery drain at this point.

The PC only software that comes with the device can be used to transfer videos, music and pictures to the Mylo. It might be possible to do some types of transfers from a Mac using OS X once you know the proper formats and settings for the media.

The Mylo can play MPEG4 video, MP3, ATRAC3 and WMA audio. Overall it seems like a very useful device. The price is right around $350.

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  1. A PSP would be nice, but I don’t think you can use it for Skype and it doesn’t have a keyboard. The Mylo looks like it might be able to even replace your phone in some circumstances.

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