Ear Plugs that Sound Great: Hearos High Fidelity

Hearos High FidelityHere is the story: I have been to many concerts in my life, most of them good and loud. The problem is I enjoyed the concert, but after I got home the ringing set in. My ears would ring for 1-3 days later depending on how close I was to the large towers of speakers filling the venue with sound. In this post you will read about the most revolutionary earplugs you can get for $15 bucks

Hearing loss is a serious concern when ever you expose yourself to high decibel sound pressure levels for more than a short period of time. This causedHearos standard earplugs me to quickly protect myself when attending a concert of any type. I started using ear plugs, but the ear plugs did just that… They “plugged” the sound. When you are trying to enjoy a bands live set, the last thing you want to hear is the muffled leftovers of musical bliss that make it past your foamy ear inserts. Up till now it never really mattered that much to me until I heard the musical genius from a new band called Mutemath. After hearing their debut EP I knew I needed to hear them Live, but everyone said that their live show was really really loud.

Hearos High FidelityMy buddy told me about premium ear molded ear plugs that “filtered” the sound down to an appropriate level without any muffle or muting, but they cost almost $200 bucks. That price was not justified for the several concerts I go to a year. Enter Hearos, a brand name I knew made cheap expanding foam plugs, but also unknown to me at the time makes a high fidelity version. At first I thought this hifi version would be $50-100 bucks, after calling up Guitar Center i found they sell them for $15 bucks retail. I raced down the day of the concert and picked up two pairs for my girlfriend and I. When we first put them in our ears she said that she could hear me like nothing was blocking the sound, I agreed and wondered what they would sound like when the concert started and if they would really protect my ears. I was thrilled when the concert began and the earplugs did cut the volume without wrecking the sound at all!

GrandpaBottom line… these things really work well. They are a piece of engineering in that they have a 2.8k resonance that is identical to the human ear and when combined with the concha resonance of the ear canal the earplugs accomplish a 20 decibel decrease in sound pressure causing your ears to be well within the safe hearing range that will keep you from loosing your hearing. Don’t be like grandpa and ask everyone what? what did you say.. speak up! This is your only chance to protect your hearing. Now there is no excuse to not protect your precious hearing while you have it. Think about it, and do the right thing.

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