Voice over IP in Mexico

I am writing this article from the center of Mexico.  As I write, my wife is talking on the phone with a friend in Nebraska.  This week, I’ve received several calls reminding me to vote and the Kansas State Unemployment office called me to tell me that one of my businesses was overpaying on unemployment tax.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the internet. Where I’m at in Durango Mexico I was able to get a low speed cable modem connection for about $31USD per month.  The connection is only 512k, but it works great for all of our communication.  We use Vonage for our phone.  They provided us with a small device that plugs into our router and our standard cordless phone plugs into the phone jack on it.  Our number is the same as what we had in the US, so many people who call us don’t even know we are in Mexico.

I’m just waiting for Direct TV to call and try to sell me their satellite system.  I’ll say yes to everything they offer and then when they ask for my address, give them the address here in Mexico just to see what they do.  (They don’t offer service in Mexico.)  I know, I’m mean, but it will be nice vindication for the number of times they have called me while I was in the States.

Anyway back to the VoIP phones.  We paid for the unlimited service with Vonage which only costs $25 per month.  That was up from our previous cost of $15 per month for 500 minutes.  In the U.S. the lower number of minutes worked out just fine because we used our cell phones a lot.  Right now we aren’t using cell phones down here (at $1.50 per minute we don’t really want to), so most of our calls to the US are on the Vonage line.

I’ve heard of some companies offering Vonage like service, but with unlimited calling to the US and Mexico for less than $40 per month.  We may look at doing that once we become better at speaking the language, but right now Vonage is working very well for what we need.  We can call Mexican numbers for about $0.09 per minute.  It isn’t particularly cheap, but with the low number of calls we make, it is a lot cheaper than trying to get a TelMex (the Mexican telephone company) phone line.

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