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Vonage LogoVonage offers an interface that allows you to setup calls using a simple web urls that make calls to There is software that makes use of this interface like the add in for Outlook that lets you click on a number and dial it. In this article we are going to look at how this works behind the scenes and make a simple address book where you can click on a number to have it dialed.

Click to Call works like this:

  1. You send a message to with your login information and the number of the phone you want to connect to using a special URL.
  2. Your phone rings and you answer it.
  3. The number you want to call is immediately dialed and you hear it ringing on the other end.
  4. The person you are calling picks up the line.

The beauty of this interface is the fact that it can all be done just by typing a particular url into a web browser. For example, if you visit the following URL:[user]&password=[pass]

and simply replace [user] with your vonage username and [pass] with your vonage password, you’ll be able to see a list of numbers available on your account. These are numbers that you can use to place calls as shown below.

To place a call visit:

Of course the URL must be all on one line. It is broken up here in order to make it easier to read. The [fromNumber] is replaced with your Vonage telephone number from which you want to place the call. [toNumber] is replaced with the number you want to call.

By combining this with a little basic HTML, we can make an address list that allows us to make calls to frequently called numbers simply by clicking on a hyperlink. You can also create a folder with shortcuts to the URL on your OS and use that to trigger calls.
Just keep in mind that the url has your username and password in it, so it isn’t something you want to put up on a public website. If you want to make a click to call service where people can type in their phone number and have you call them automatically, you’ll want to make the calls using server side scripting to keep the password safe.

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  1. Hi, is it possible to instruct vonage to automatically jump to the next available number in the account, if the first line is in use?

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