Wireless Notifications Without an Internet Connection

Executive DashboardDid you ever wish that you could recieve important notifications and basic information nomatter where you were… A great company called Ambient Devices has developed a solution that wirelessly connects you. Even without an internet connection!

They sell several devices from a frosted glass ball tAmbient Orbhat lights up many shades of colors and can pulse its light in many patterns, called the Ambient Orb. A five day weather forcaster that shows the forcast for the next five days, the high, low and currentWeather Beacon temps for each day. Their most intresting product is the executive dashboard a device with three analogue needles that can show increase and decrease in Weather Wizardfour values of your choice.

Soon to be introducted ideas are a umbrella with a handle that glows blue when it is about to rain helping you to not leave it behind and a new weather device with a electronic ink screen that will trump the black and white lcd they currently use in their five day weather forcaster. You can expect to see these ideas in the comming year. But for now their weather forcaster is my best friend keeping me informed on what to expect out of mother nature
Executive DashboardThe devices work out of the box.
The only battery operated device is the weather forcaster, the orb and dashboard plug in the wall. The weather forcaster is the only product that feels light weight and cheap, other than the plastic construction the device is well made. Each device recieves free information shuch as local weather, pollen counts, or S&P statistics. If you are a info geek you can sign up for the customized infAmbient Umbrellaormation feeds or pull the price of your favorite stock to be displayed on your device

The devices use the same network as an ordinary one way pager. This is a very clever idea becasuse the pager networks have the best coverage of any wireless network in many areas.

If you are looking to buy the five day weather forcaster you can expect to pay $100 bucks plus shipping… if you are frugal, go to Radio Shack and piWeather Forecasterckup their duplicate Ambient Licenced clone, it is only $30 bucks (Catalogue # 63-1085). Both weather forcasters are identical only the Radio Shack version is grey plastic vs. the ambient version is white. The weather information is pulled for accuweather.com and is updated every 10-15 minutes. The weather information is location based, so if you travel it will recieve the weather forcasts for the 5 citys in your vicinity

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