13,000 RPM Hand Powered Gyroscope: Geek Toy

Colored Power BallsToys are a great way to relieve stress, entertain, and strengthen certain skills. In this post I will be reviewing a Dyna-Flex Power Ball. The only hand powered gyroscope that spins up to 13,000 RPM without a motor or batteries… just the power of your arm and hand.

It was a usual day for me, browsing the Internet. I went over to my favorite gadget store http://www.thinkgeek.com and perused through their newestPower Ball Components offerings. The product that caught my attention that day was a hand powered gyroscope, this gyro was different from the other toy gyros I had seen or used because it claimed to spin at multiple thousand RPM with just hand power. Considering the high velocity spin I knew that this was either a hyped toy or a precision instrument. After reading the products main website http://www.powerballs.com/ it looked like what they were claiming was true. I took the plunge and ordered my Power Ball at Thinkgeek. The Power Ball I ordered was a lower performance model since it has a mini magnetic Power Ball Neon Blue Lightgenerator that lights up four super bright blue leds when the ball spins up powered by the balls own spinning force. I was anxious for my toy to arrive.

While Waiting for it to arrive I spent some time reading everything I could about its benefits. Most Power Balls come with a watch face like computer that snaps into the topPower Ball Computer of the ball. The purpose of this computer is to measure the RPM of each run, keeping track of your high score. If the ball does not come with a computer they have a filler piece of plastic that snaps into the empty space where the computer would be.

The Power Ball is toughed as a strengthening and rehabilitation tool that will strengthen muscles in the wrist, lower and upper arm. Also its non-impact resistance is smooth enough for someone to reduce the pain of their carpal tunnel syndrome. The Power Ball is endorsed by Medical & Chiropractic professions because of its ability to give smooth constant resistance without the impact of regular weights. The Power Ball will create 40 pounds of resistance when spinning at 13,000 RPMS. The faster it spins thInstructions Power Balle more the ball fights your grip and resists your motion, just like a gyroscope top.

When the package finally arrived I quickly unpacked it and tried to start it without reading the manual, as I usually do with anything I buy, big mistake… I could not get the thing to start. After reading the manual I understood how to start the ball with the string and spin it up with the force of my arm. The motion to keep the ball spinning and make it spin faster is a circular motion in Colored Power Ballsyour wrist and arm, most of the spinning power comes from a subtle movement in the arm. As I spun the ball up it lit up bright blue, as it spun faster and faster it was harder and harder for me to keep it going. Initially I could get it to spin at 2,000 rpm for a few minutes, but then fatigue set in. This thing really uses muscles you never use. After having it and using it for several weeks I was up to 4,750 RPMS and I could keep it spinning at that speed for much longer. This device builds both strength and stamina very quickly. After mastering using it in my left hand I thought I would get adventurous and try it in my right hand (I’m left handed) It was like starting all over having to learn how to spin it up and then keeping it spinning. If you get a Power Ball yourself remember to strengthen both arms evenly.

Out of all the gadget toys out there this one is at the top of my list. I can tell that my fingers hands, wrists and arms are much stronger

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