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As the internet becomes a tool we use daily, it not only makes logical sense to create an internet radio station, but also from a practical standpoint. Pandora Radio uses a unique design that creates playlists specific to your own taste in music. This internet radio station is a product of the Music Genome Project, which was started to identify the individual characteristics of a massive amount of songs. The founders’ idea was to group songs based on the characteristics of the individual song, rather than the specific band or genre. This unique approach allows the user to search for a certain song, and if the song the user wants is found, the radio station creates a playlist or specific station of music that is similar in tone and sound to the original song. The goal of the founders of Pandora Radio was to analyze songs based on the fundamental characteristics of the music, such as the major or minor tonality, harmony and rhythm of a particular song.

As for the usability of the station itself, the interface is very easy to use and does not require much getting used to. This is really nice in that it does not waste any of your time. The only thing that the user must do is type in a search for a certain song and verify that the search result was what they wanted. Pandora then creates a playlist with songs of the same characteristics.

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Another neat feature is that Pandora allows for user feedback on the same interface in which the songs are being played. The “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons beside each song are the means by which the feedback is accomplished. If the user does press the “thumbs down” button on a certain song, the station immediately deletes the song from playing on that particular station. That way, the user never has to listen to the offending song again while on the station that he or she created.

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 Oh, and the other great thing about Pandora is that it is free!

One additional aspect of this project that many users will find handy is Pandora’s mobile capabilities. Pandora Radio can be played from a mobile phone if the user so chooses, and the company offers this use for free! This differs greatly from the pricey alternatives to mobile music capabilities offered by other companies.

The only aspects of the usability of the station that a person might find unattractive are that the music played on the station cannot be “rewound” and replayed upon demand and that there is a limit on the number of songs that a user can “skip” per hour. These drawbacks are minor, and the station only implements them to comply with regulations.

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Overall, Pandora Radio is a fun, easy and hassle-free way to find a continuous playlist of songs tailored to an individual’s taste.The unique way in which the Music Genome Project analyzes songs allows for a wonderful user experience while keeping use of the product free of cost.

To read more about Pandora Radio and the Music Genome Project, visit their blog.

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