Remote Signaling System for Your Home

Light BulbPicture this: you are working in your home office,  maybe in the basement or on 2nd floor, your wife (or husband) is cooking dinner, and the kids are screaming, but you are oblivious to it.  Maybe you have some music on, or are just too far removed from the “action”.  Your wife, needing some assistance, calls you once, then twice, and finally storms into your office wondering why are ignoring her.  Sound familiar?  This no longer happens in our house since I setup a way for my wife to signal me remotely, using X10 technology. Continue reading Remote Signaling System for Your Home

Television: The New Movies

Home TheaterTechnology is once again changing the face of personal entertainment.  Not long ago, the only place one could go to experience epic stories brought to life on a big screen with heart pounding acoustics was the local movie theater.  Today, with the growing commonality of big screen TVs utilizing new technologies such as plasma and LCD projection, as well as home theater surround-sound systems, one can experience this in the comfort of home. Continue reading Television: The New Movies

How to Create a Virtual CD Drive (Windows XP)

CDLong ago, software companies enforced copy protection by requiring that the original product CD be inserted with each usage.  When copying CDs in their entirety became commonplace, the software giants turned to other methods, mostly centered around internet-based authentication.  However, when I installed several games for my son on our new computer, I found that the old practice still persisted.  Several games made by different manufacturers all required that the CD be inserted to run them.  Since he is too young to be handling CDs, I was motivated to find a solution to this problem. Continue reading How to Create a Virtual CD Drive (Windows XP)

How to Extend Your TiVo (or other device) Throughout Your House

TiVo remoteIf you own a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) like TiVo, you have probably come to love the enhanced viewing experience that it creates.  However, it one major limitation: a TiVo can only be connected to one TV.  If you want to use it in more than one room, you have to buy additional TiVos, each requiring another monthly fee.  I have a different solution to this problem which will let you use your TiVo in every room of your house.  This solution can also be applied to “extend” any media device (DVD player, VCR, digital cable, satellite TV, even a game console) to your entire house. Continue reading How to Extend Your TiVo (or other device) Throughout Your House

TiVo vs. Windows Media Center

Windows Media CenterTiCo CentralThere are two basic ways to enter the world of the Personal Video Recorder (PVR): through a dedicated hardware unit, like a TiVo or ReplayTV, or through a software-based PVR that runs on your home computer, like Windows: Media Center Edition (WMCE) or MythTV.  In this article I will compare the most popular form of each platform, TiVo and WMCE, to help you figure out which one would be best for you. Continue reading TiVo vs. Windows Media Center

TiVo: Focused TV

Now Playing on TiVoHave you ever sat down in front of the TV after a long day, hoping to find an interesting show, only to end up surfing channels for a few minutes and then turning it off?  Have you ever caught yourself saying “I have 70 channels, and there is nothing on!”  Friends, there is a solution to this problem: the Personal Video Recorder (PVR), the most common version known as TiVo. Continue reading TiVo: Focused TV